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Mohit Bhanvariya


Aphorisms and excerpts from the chapters of life experiences & imagery.

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Reading and writing is the most beautiful journey.

Mohit Bhanvariya


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I am a young lad, busy jotting down a number of proses and poems. At times, I dive deep into the literary pages consisting of proses and poems and then take a plunge towards the politics and days, history of which we are taught. I always look forward to visiting the shores and deepest trenches in everything that my eyes can see, heart and feel and hands could touch. My ears, ahh them. They listen to heartbeats, chirpings, cracklings, soft music, rain drops, tires, tongues, minds and wind.
This is the platform I chose to type and share the content I have filled my pages and pads with.
I wish you love reading them as much as I love while typing and sharing with you.
Hoping for you to have a beautiful experience going through my posts.

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