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Lessons from a single catch.

It doesn’t matter how important of role you play doing a task, you might not be mentioned in history unless you are there to finish it off.

CSK vs RCB, IPL 2019

Check out this beauty Faf Du Plessis pulled off in tonight’s match. These type of catches have become very common in contemporary cricket. Still, the more you see it, more it thrills you.

Stoinis goes for a big shot against Tahir.

Ball goes into the air. It looked like it was going over the fence.

But, Faf ran like a bullet from the wide mid off and came right under it.

He did get a hold on the ball despite being in motion.

He took the catch but realised momentum was taking him over the line. A couple of runs is always a better option than a heroic catch costing SIX. So, he decided to throw the ball away.

(What a sight! An eye pleasing fight with the Gravity. Courage, Skill, intelligence, Timing, all in one frame. And they ask why do I love cricket!)

So he threw the ball away sacrificing his catch. He already did a great job by keeping the ball inside the boundary and saving 5 vital runs for his team. Take a bow, Faf.

But, what about an even greater reward? A combo pack of saving all six runs and earning the wicket of Stoinis. To pull that off, it is obvious, an extra man is needed to be there.

Yes, DR Shorey did a bit of running too.

Shorey put himself exactly there where he needed to be and catch was completed. Credit to him too for bringing himself to the right place at the right time.

What would you like better? Conceding two runs or getting a wicket for free? It is not a difficult one to decide. They both earned a wicket where the ball was just a moment away from Six.

It has happened many times in present-day cricket. A fielder dives into the air to hold the ball and throw it back a moment later and then, other man catches the ball to break the heart of the batsman.

There were two members in the team who pulled it off. Now, allow me to ask a couple of questions.

Who did the most of the work? Well, I think it’s Faf.

Who did the extraordinary part of the job? No doubt, it’s Faf.

If you will have to distribute 1000 dollars to both of them as a reward, how much, according to you, Faf deserves out of it? Well, I guess, atleast 800.

But synopsis of the match will not show his name. He wouldn’t be mentioned on the scorecard.

MP Stoinis c sub (DR Shorey) b Imran Tahir

Faf was down.

DH Shorey was celebrating. He was named as the catcher of the wicket because he finished it off. He also got nominated for Perfect catch of the season.

‘History doesn’t remember who fights and goes down but who ends up alive.

  • Well, the thing I is that is simply doesn’t imply that whether you are remembered or not you will never perform an action, you will give up on efforts. It was a combined effort and so DH Shorey may have won the title but deep down everyone knows that it was the efforts of Faf which earned a title to DH Shorey.
  • Another important to conclude here is that if someone had put efforts to bag you a title, it’s your duty to celebrate the win with that person rather than simply enjoying the moment like Shorey is doing in the last pic.
  • You may not get the crown every-time you put efforts but putting great efforts never dull your sparkle.

Source :-Tushar Verma’s answer to What are some life lessons learned from cricket?

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