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The Ingredients of the Pizza of Happiness

Today while surfing through the web on my screen, grooving over music from the earphones plugged, playing an ideal illusive musical instrument with my fingers, I was astounded by a small round metal tied around my wrist, my watch. The reminder was that the time spent well and it just passed like an ice-cream melting under the hot sun. It was lucrative, luring and was a joy to feel the ice-cream melting & slithering down my hand to earth and licking it with immense joy.
Well, that’s just one bite of the pizza, being talked here on this space.
But, what we do is jumble the happiness and somehow end at mixing it with love. Not every love is happiness but every happiness is loved. Walking under a bright sun is not loved by everyone but it brings immense pleasure to the one who just sat under a dark shade after a long walk. The happiness, he experiences will last long and will give him the adrenaline to walk more. He has a story to tell.
We can conclude that happiness is love and happiness is an inspiration.
A person sleeping in front of AC may not know the outer temperature but he knows to control the temperature of AC. The one, under the sun may not know even how to change the temperature of AC but knows the best shade available nearby. Both have different way to celebrate joy of altering the hot situations but what’s common is happiness. So that’s the third ingredient (happiness varies person to person just like the way a pizza is loved in different variants) of our pizza and complete our pizza
of happiness .


Published by Mohit Bhanvariya

I dive deep into the literary pages consisting of proses and poems and then take a plunge towards the politics and days, history of which we are taught. I always look forward to visiting the shores and deepest trenches in everything that my eyes can see, heart and feel and hands could touch. My ears, ahh them. They listen to heartbeats, chirpings, cracklings, soft music, rain drops, tires, tongues, minds and wind.

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