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An Opportunity.

While strolling back to home after an hour of game-play in the ground, I along with my mates saw an uncle trying to push his vehicle towards a destination. I wasn’t aware of the way-point but was concerned about my next step. Mates were lazy but not to that extent that they can stop themselves from making a meme on the man, trying to put his efforts on the vehicle, after a long day of work at office where he was burdened with work and wasn’t provided any help by his colleagues as they all have their respected targets to achieve by the end of time-period.
While my mates were enjoying the laugh, I was busy observing the man. He appeared to be blood flecked, time ravaged person with winter-white hair paired with chiseled face.
In the midst of blistering traffic, his hands were trembling and body shaking while making his vehicle cross the road. The people in cars didn’t notice the person on road but that’s not what everyone is supposed to do.There were passersby but everyone was busy taking calls on phone or texting.
And there was my group, except one, everyone was leisurely enjoying the scene just like the walk they had taken till point, establishing the link between the incident and motivational stories. But among all, I found myself different.
I left my group. I took a step and handed my hand for help.
This wasn’t greatness, greatness lied in that man, who replied “No thanks, son. I am okay. It’s just quite cold here. I’ll do it on my own.”
I observed him for over 5 minutes and so can easily decipher his excuse. And I helped
after his denial, took the vehicle in my hand, crossed the road and get it repaired to him.
He might not express on his face but deep down he might have prayed for my betterment. But, this time I didn’t think about his appraisal because, I read that

“Life gives opportunity to all, but not everyone take advantage of it.”
For me, it was an opportunity :-
To observe. To choose my friends. To win over the evil side that my mates’ company would have got over me. To help. To fight over my laziness.

These are just a few but if we observe carefully, life gives us all an opportunity, everyday to take step up on a stair of life. But, we do not take care of. We go through a lot of motivation stories, philosophical lectures and spiritual lessons but we don’t apply.
The best way to nourish ourself and let the spirit of humanity alive is by practicing random acts of kindness because it’s randomness that brings and enhances our best. Else, everyone can complete the task given to them.


Published by Mohit Bhanvariya

I dive deep into the literary pages consisting of proses and poems and then take a plunge towards the politics and days, history of which we are taught. I always look forward to visiting the shores and deepest trenches in everything that my eyes can see, heart and feel and hands could touch. My ears, ahh them. They listen to heartbeats, chirpings, cracklings, soft music, rain drops, tires, tongues, minds and wind.

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