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I am confined
in this little room of mine
from start of the day to the end of night.
And when it is dark, i look for the light.

From dusk till dawn to the night,
accompanied in between by the twilight,
I am ravaged by the fire you lit so bright,
deep inside me, my bones and heart holding so tight,
to encompass you again in my eyes, so upright.

When trees amass their silence,
birds break it with their whines,
I look up to the wall to check the time.
And to conquer the black
I hold my prism to look for the white light.

Memories of you strike me time to time,
my heart so lonely and yet it chime,
eyes so desperate, they hear you in every rhyme,
Is this all just a sign,
or am I on my way to decline !

There’s nothing more i can say,
I am all set to get back on my way,
Where i am all alone,
and got no-one beside me to stay,
because in the end all will sway,
while i will just be their another prey.

I won’t curse with words,
or confront with swords.
I will switch to isolation,
seeking my insolation,
from all the people who bought chaos,
just to have back my solace.


Published by Mohit Bhanvariya

I dive deep into the literary pages consisting of proses and poems and then take a plunge towards the politics and days, history of which we are taught. I always look forward to visiting the shores and deepest trenches in everything that my eyes can see, heart and feel and hands could touch. My ears, ahh them. They listen to heartbeats, chirpings, cracklings, soft music, rain drops, tires, tongues, minds and wind.

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